Media Technical Support

Bayan Media aims to improve the media, increaste the quality and make the media outlets ready for the new phase of media life in Afghanistan that is digitalization of TV channel networds. that is why Bayan is fully allocated its financial and human resources in this sector. it has strong financial resources to finance its […]

Fastest Way to go on air globally

Bayan media is the leading live broadcasting company in Afghanistan, having 4┬ásimultaneous SNGs. our live broadcasting services is available in all over Afghanistan. Fly away SNG SD and HD Digital Video Exciter IP Modem Multiplexer Router SSPA Antenna and Manual Control units System IRD / Redundancy controllers Protection Switches SNG Truck Sony MS-8 Mixer…………………….1 Pcs […]

Designing and Installation TV Network

Design and perform new MCR for 1TV in digital form Design and perform MCR various networks such as Tamaddon TV and other provincial networks Design and make acoustic for news, production and radio studios MCR and PCR reinstallation for Kam TV MCR+PCR, Server room and uplink system installation for Mitra TV MCR+PCR, Server room and […]